Let us be your early warning system.

In a time when social media is the primary form of communication, the Social Sentinel® service helps businesses provide a safe environment for workers and visitors alike. It delivers insights about threats made on public social media — all while respecting the rights of everyone in your community.

Proven to protect.

Our solution strengthened through years of experience in schools and universities. But the potential for harm isn’t limited to educational settings. Any area where people gather — either for work or having fun — could become the target of a threat. Adding Social Sentinel to your safety strategy enhances your ability to keep you informed and them safe.

Turn publicly posted threats into actionable insights.


Social Sentinel has approved access to over 1billion public post daily.


We apply over 450,000 behavioral threat indicators from the Sentinel SearchSM Library.


We map alerts to your team via our patent-pending matching process powered by lists unique to your  organization.


Get alerts in near real time and process them through your standard operating procedure.

Relevant alerts. Easy to use.

Safeguarding the lives of your guests, staff and reputation is the ultimate service Social Sentinel could provide. Our goal is to deliver the latest social media security technology and data insights that help ensure all park entrants are free to explore or work without fear.

Identify social media threats from across the street and country. Surface threats relevant to your organization–regardless of who posted and where he/she is located.

Target threats, not people. Control user search criteria so your community’s rights to privacy and association are respected.

Help keep your community safe.

Organizations of a variety of industries can benefit from the insights we deliver and take action when threats surface. We work with:

  • Festivals
  • Theme Parks
  • Professional Sports
  • Concert / Performing Arts Centers
  • Casinos
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Ticketing Vendors
  • Event Centers