A mission-driven solution for safer events.

Ideal for:

  • Convention Centers
  • Festivals
  • Theme Parks
  • Professional Sports
  • Concerts/Performing Arts Centers
  • Talent

A one-of-a-kind solution to a growing safety concern.

Recent incidents of violent acts telegraphed over social media have organizations rushing to review their safety and security strategies.

How could any safety team afford the resources to proactively surface threats? Especially from the flood of conversations happening right now in the digital age.

Hooded man using mobile device in dark room
Man holding iPhone with Social Sentinel analytics displayed

Let us be your early warning system.

In a time when social media is the primary form of communication, the Social Sentinel® service helps you provide a safer environment for talent, staff, and visitors alike. It delivers insights about threats made on public social media—all while respecting the rights of everyone in your community.

Safety leaders praise our service’s unique ability to:

  • Easily spin up and tear down as acts, teams, conventions rotate through venue
  • Provide near real-time and valuable social media threat insights before, during, or after an event
  • Implement as an investment, not an expense

Proven to protect.

Our solution strengthened through years of experience in schools and universities, but the potential for harm isn’t limited to educational settings. Places where people gather — including those for work or having fun — may become the target of a threat.

Adding Social Sentinel to your safety and security strategy keeps you informed and them safe.​

Concert goers cheering as a musical act performs
Learn how a social media threat alert service can help keep your community safe.

How some safety and security strategies fall short:

  • Using systems to access private data, monitor, or target individuals (concerning)
  • Implementing reactionary solutions (incomplete)
  • Choosing complicated solutions that require extra staff and resources (expensive)
  • Selecting a solution built for marketing/branding to scan for social media threats (inefficient)
The wrong to look for therats made on social media
How organizations learn of threats the wrong way. Social Sentinel goes beyond the geofence.
  • Not looking for threats beyond the geofence (poor form)
  • Monitoring for threats with a fake social media account (not ideal)
  • Attempting to surface threats on their own with solutions that lack robust customer support and guidance (not optimal)
Learn how Social Sentinel can plug into your existing safety and security strategy.

Enhance your safety and security strategy with Social Sentinel.

  • Authorized access to public social media posts (over 1 billion daily) for the purpose of public safety
  • 4+ years of proven success identifying threats inside and outside the geofence
  • Seamless integration with your safety and security strategy
  • Award-winning support from dedicated Client Success Managers every step of the way
  • Designed exclusively for safety and security purposes
How Social Sentinel Gets It Right. Conventino Center
Social Media Threat Alerts Done Right. Stadiums
  • Pre-loaded from day one with over half a million threat and behavior indicators to associate with your community
  • Requires no extra staff or resources to operate and constantly works in the background
  • Web-based application accessible from any desktop or mobile device
  • Adjust your team’s user access permissions easily to reflect current protocol
Learn how Social Sentinel can plug into your existing safety and security strategy.