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Rioting | Social Sentinel

Does social sentinel cover riots?

In light of the immediate challenges our country is facing, we want to let you know. . .


Social Sentinel’s values are deeply rooted in our country’s constitutional rights. Since protests are a protected right, we do not scan for words like “protest” movements like “Black Lives Matter” or groups like “Antifa.”

We do have the ability to protect specific places at your school or on campus that may be in danger or vulnerable, upon our client’s request.

Our Language Engine is already tuned to support your school or campus if protests get out of hand. Our solution is designed to isolate threats of violence against places and activities like rioting and looting.

We have a strong pulse on safety and security trends and insights occurring nationally and within your student community. Tools like our US Student Sentiment report (below), Trending Topics (below), and Email Sentiment all provide valuable insights into safety and security related digital conversations occurring within your student community.

What is Social Sentinel Seeing?

The following are sample alerts our clients have been receiving:

“When should we burn [INSTITUTION NAME] to the ground?”

“[PERSON] im saying i want to murder you”

“There are plans to flood [TOWN NAME] and destroy property of residents”

“One of your students has threatened to kill someone”

“Burn [INSTITUTION NAME] the f*** down”

“Burn down [PLACE] if ya want to burn some sh**”

We are seeing major trends in sentiment across the platform. Our Student Sentiment analytics aggregates emotional sentiment from students nationwide. There has been a giant spike in harm, fear, and anger. Existing clients can view US Student Sentiment in their accounts to watch how this progresses over the coming days.

Also in the Trends section of Signals are safety and security-related Trending Topics. Nationally, our algorithm is showing a major increase (the bubbles in the second image) in topics related to the riots, protests, and violence.