Technology and people united behind a singular goal of safety.

From billions of posts to a handful of actionable insights and alerts.

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Our process:

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Scan public social media

  • Partnered with popular social media platforms
  • Authorized access to over 1 billion public social media posts daily*

Apply social media filters

  • Social Sentinel's authorized access adheres to the strict guidelines of each social media source
  • Scan public posts for language of harm
  • Scan unique characteristics of your community
Illustration to show how Social Sentinel rules are applied to our social media sources
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Analyze posts

  • Robust architecture capable of delivering insights in near real time
  • Analysis assisted by multiple data science models and machine learning
  • Associations with your organization and our library of harm to increase relevance

Associate posts with your community

  • Industry-leading, proprietary technology identifies potential threats in and beyond your geofence
  • Add localized information to your account to increase alert relevance
  • Manage multiple locations from 1 account
  • Ability to help protect people and events
Illustration of how Social Sentinel associates posts with its clients
Illustration of Social Sentinel's Library of Harm

Match terms within our Library of Harm

  • Proprietary Sentinel Search™ Library
  • Contains over half a million threat indicators - and grows every day
  • Tailored to language for your community

Review analytics

  • Access reporting options to quickly review your account’s overall performance
  • View the volume of posts associated with your organization
  • Track how many posts Social Sentinel delivered as an alert
  • See which posts and alerts your team members already viewed
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Assess actionable insights

  • Insights generated only when a post can be associated with your organization and match language from our Library of Harm
  • Delivered in near real time via text or email

Do it all from our mobile-friendly, intuitive interface.

  • Access your account from any device
  • Manage users and alert notification settings with ease
  • Configure account, geofences, and association terms
  • Collaborate with your team to address alerts.
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The people supporting your success:

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Subject matter experts

  • Input and expertise from linguists, data scientists, security, and mental health experts provide the foundation for Social Sentinel's ability to identify language predictive of negative outcomes to the wellness of your community.

Data scientists

  • Develop data models and apply machine learning to increase association relevance, decrease non-actionable alerts, and extract meaningful insights.
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Library analysts

  • Continuously evolve our Library of Harm as new topic areas are identified. These are our experts in the language of harm found on social media, and directly enhance the system’s ability to deliver relevant alerts.

Client Success Manager

  • Serving as the human connection between you and your solutions, your dedicated Client Success Manager diligently supports every stage of your Social Sentinel experience.
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Your community

  • Our solution and the people powering its success are a singular goal: make your world a safer place. By delivering proactive insights into possible threats, we help you secure the communities you protect so they are safe in the places they learn, work and play.
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